Connects & Co Young Carers Comic Workshop

Connects & Co is a Norwich based organisation working with young carers who live with the effects of terminal or long-term illness, disability, mental health issues and addiction within their family.

Who attended the comic drawing workshop?

There were 10 young carers involved in the workshop, aged between 6 and 15 – a couple of the team leaders couldn’t resist joining in too, so there was plenty of comic making going on!

How the Workshop went

The group was quiet and focussed for the most part, cracking through the different stages involved in creating their comic page efficiently and earnestly.

It’s always fascinating to see how different people treat similar subject matter – there were plenty of mad scientists and pop stars cropping up in the stories produced, but they were never treated the same!

Feedback from the artists

Here are just some of the comments left by artists on the workshop:

The bit I liked most was…

  • “When they all came to life”
  • “Learning new things”
  • “Drawing the comic in pencil”

What really struck you as interesting or surprising during this workshop?

  • “How much work goes into making a comic”

What part of the workshop was most useful to the way you work?

  • “Starting rough and then neatening”

Want to experience a Comic Creation Workshop yourself?

If you’re interested in attending one of my Comic Creation Workshops, or are considering hosting one an at your organisation go ahead and get in touch!

All necessary checks, policies and insurances are in place to ensure safety when working with children and vulnerable adults.

Workshop running time, features and price can be configured to suit your organisation or groups needs.