UEA Creative Industries Day: Sept 2015

I’m often popping in and out of UEA in my capacity as a mentor on their Young Enterprise Scheme, so it was great to spend a bit more time than usual on campus running a Comic Drawing Workshop as part of the University’s 2015 Creative Industries Day.

Who attended the comic drawing workshop?

The workshop was attended by a group of 12 dedicated comic-curious artists coming from a range of backgrounds – there were psychology, literature and history students, freshers, care workers and even someone from the Norwich University of Arts (No pressure then!).

How the Workshop went

The workshop was held in one of the amazing new rooms in the recently renovated student union building at UEA, which I believe is usually used as a dance studio fully equipped with a mirrored wall and a bar for practicing your Plié position (which I resisted).

As always some amazing work was produced and I was impressed by the level of concentration and commitment shown by all the artists – so much so I packed up a little bit late, causing the belly dancing group who’d booked the room after me to start a bit behind schedule (apologies!).

Feedback from the artists

After every workshop I ask everyone to complete a short evaluation sheet – Here are just some of the comments left.

What really struck you as interesting or surprising during this workshop?

  • “I liked the different stages that we went through to get to the final thing, esp the use of blue pencil.”
  • “Teaching me to actually plan out and prepare the story of my own”
  • “My ability to focus. Fascinating process”

What is the one idea that you will use in future as a result of this workshop?

  • “Trying comics that are only one page (I like that concept)”
  • “The sequence Stuart used to help us build our story kept the momentum going”
  • “The process was really concise and strong and will be really good for passing onto peers interested in comics”

What part of the workshop was most useful to the way you work?

  • “Interesting tips on materials you can use and books to read!”
  • “Ideas realisation is really hard, so the story planning was both a challenge and a satisfying way of coming up with ideas”
  • “The freeform ideas thing, getting to figure out our own story with some helpful starters”

Want to experience a Comic Creation Workshop yourself?

If you’re interested in attending one of my Comic Creation Workshops, or are considering hosting one an at your organisation go ahead and get in touch!

All necessary checks, policies and insurances are in place to ensure safety when working with children and vulnerable adults.

Workshop running time, features and price can be configured to suit your organisation or groups needs.