OPEN Youth Trust Disovery Day; April 2016

Following the success of the the comic drawing activities held at OPEN Youth trust as part of BBC Get Creative 2016, I returned a few weeks later to do a repeat performance!

Who attended the comic drawing workshop?

I set up two tables on the “Bridge” – an impressive walkway suspended twenty or so feet above OPEN’s main hall.  Before I’d even finished getting my equipment out I had a couple of young people eager to get started!

Just as with the BBC Get Creative event I brought along a range of activities that could be done in anything from 5 minutes whilst still communicating valuable techniques used in professional comic making.

By far the most popular activity were my Design-A-Superhero sheets – Just check out the gallery section below to see just some of the wild designs participants came up with!

Want to experience a Comic Creation Workshop yourself?

If you’re interested in attending one of my Comic Creation Workshops, or are considering hosting one an at your organisation go ahead and get in touch!

All necessary checks, policies and insurances are in place to ensure safety when working with children and vulnerable adults.

Workshop running time, features and price can be configured to suit your organisation or groups needs.

Violet.jpegViolet-2.jpegScan.jpegScan 16.jpegRosie.jpegOtto.jpegOtto-2.jpegOphelia.jpegOphelia-2.jpegMegan.jpegIsia.jpegIsia-2.jpegHector.jpegHardy.jpegEzra.jpegAmelie.jpegAmelie-2.jpegAlbert.jpeg