Mesh Youth Group October 2015

The Mesh Youth Group runs activities for children in Gorleston as part of facilites provided by Shrublands Youth and Adult Centre Charitable Trust.  I was invited to run a one day comic workshop in the autumn half term holiday.

Who attended the comic drawing workshop?

The group I worked with was a boisterous bunch of around 30 local children ranging in age from 6 to 12 years, some of whom were on the autistic spectrum.

How the Workshop went

The children were really enthusiastic about creating their own stories and were very interested in the process – every one of them produced a brilliant page to go in the final comic.

Working with a large group like this one can lead to some small delays whilst I frantically stick bits of paper to drawing boards but the children demonstrated great patience, many choosing to help others who were struggling with getting their story right or assisting me with photocopying.

Feedback from the artists

I was very pleased to receive a lovely thank you card and a marvelous caricature of me in full superhero get-up from the children!

Also during evaluation 80% of the children said what they’d learned during the workshop would help with their school work!

Want to experience a Comic Creation Workshop yourself?

If you’re interested in attending one of my Comic Creation Workshops, or are considering hosting one an at your organisation go ahead and get in touch!