About Us

Essential Sequential is a not-for-profit organisation founded in 2015 to provide creative workshops and activities for mainstream and hard-to-reach individuals of virtually all ages and abilities

About Our Workshop Leader

Stuart Paterson

Essential Sequential workshop leader Stuart Paterson is a professional commercial designer and Illustrator and employability expert.

In 2016 Stuart became Senior Skills Connector for Neighbourhoods That Work, a multi-agency project to improve resilience and prospects of long-term unemployed in Gt Yarmouth.

As an avowed comic, tabletop game and movie geek, Stuart uses his considerable skills and limitless enthusiasm to help groups of virtually any age and ability create stories and artwork for their own original comic strips.

Stuart takes students through what could be a daunting proposition by reducing the process down to manageable chunks.

See Stuart’s LinkedIn Profile for an update resume of his work, training and experience.

Stuart has a current DBS and Professional Liability Insurance.

Board of Trustees

Essential Sequential is an Unincorporated Association, in accordance with the rules required for non-profit organisations our board of trustees oversees operations and management of all projects undertaken.

  • Claire Kidman (Treasurer)
  • Kate Ross (Secretary)
  • Ross Mitson (Chair)

Essential Sequential is a member of Norfolk Safeguarding Children Board’s Safer Programme and our Child & Vulnerable Person Protection Policy is reviewed annually.

Essential Sequential Aims & Goals

Essential Sequential aims are to provide people of all abilities and backgrounds with powerful skills & tools to conceive, plan and produce work with their own stories and myths, working both individually and as part of a team.

With the assistance of a respected professional comic creator, Essential Sequential helps young people overcome the challenging process of creating their own comic, the objective being;

  • To boost confidence
  • Develop transferable skills
  • Encourage social inclusion leading to new and strengthened friendships.
  • Increase a sense of well-being and agency

Who benefits from our workshops?

Essential Sequential runs workshops that are open to the public (free or ticket admission) and privately for specific organisations or groups as funded projects.

Our creative workshops have been found to be highly engaging and effective for hard to reach individuals such as those with Learning Difficulties & ASD, NEET individuals and Young carers – as well as highly instructive for those who just want to learn about comics production.

The process of devising and telling a story using words and pictures helps develop sequencing, organisational & communication skills whilst boosting self confidence.

Often people are surprised with themselves at their own capabilities!

Partners and client organisations

In addition to providing Comic Drawing Workshops for Schools, Businesses & Private Individuals, we also contribute to projects run by several organisations. If your organisation or group is interested in working partnership then do get in touch.